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The sustainMare projects develop diverse advice for the protection and sustainable use of the seas. The results of our research are discussed scientifically through publications in dedicated journals. In addition, transdisciplinary research requires varied exchange between different actors in science, politics and society. Therefore, the research results are also reflected in the general press, talks and posters for scientists as well as for the general public. This allows for the best possible access to scientific know-how.

Publications and articles

Current publications and articles


Förster des Meeres– Idee zur Diversifizierung des Berufsbildes Küstenfischerei.
Zeitschrift für Fischerei 3 (2024)
De Graaf, K., Schwermer, H., Wagern-Ahlfs, C., Greve, O., Hunklinger, C., Riekhof, M.-C.
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Sizing mudsnails: Applying superpixels to scale growth detection under ocean warming.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 00, 1–11.
Liam MacNeil, Léa J. Joly, Maysa Ito, Anna Steinmann, Knut Mehler, Marco Scotti
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Identifying fit-for purpose methods for monitoring fish communities.
Front. Mar. Sci. 10:1322367.
Hammerl C, Möllmann C and Oesterwind D
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Benthic microbial biogeographic trends in the North Sea are shaped by an interplay of environmental drivers and bottom trawling effort.
ISME Communications volume 3, Article number: 132 (2023)
Guido Bonthond, Jan Beermann, Lars Gutow, Andreas Neumann, Francisco Rafael Barboza, Andrea Desiderato, Vera Fofonova, Stephanie B. Helber, Sahar Khodami, Casper Kraan, Hermann Neumann, Sven Rohde & Peter J. Schupp
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Spatial structure and biodiversity of macrofauna around marine munition dumpsites – A case study from the Baltic Sea.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 198 (2024) 115865
Vedenin, A., Kröncke, I., Beck, A.J., Bodenbinder, A., Chrysagi, E., Gräwe, U., Kampmeier, M., Greinert, J.
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Correction: Caught in the middle: bottom-up and top-down processes impacting recruitment in a small pelagic fish.
Rev Fish Biol Fisheries (2023) 33(1):55-84;
Moyano, M., Illing, B., Akimova, A., Alter, K., Bartolino, V., Börner, G., Clemmesen, C., Finke, A., Gröhsler, T., Kotterba, P., Livdane, L., Mittermayer, F., Moll, D., Nordheim, L. von, Peck, M., Schaber, M., Polte, P.
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Tracing growth patterns in cod (Gadus morhua L.) using bioenergetic modelling.
Ecology and Evolution, 13(11): e10751.
Funk, S., Funk, N., Herrmann, J.-P., Hinrichsen, H.-H., Krumme, U., Möllmann, C., Temming, A.
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A Complete 60-Year Catalog of Wind Events in the German Bight (North Sea) Derived From ERA5 Reanalysis Data.
Earth and Space Science (10) 10
S. Rubinetti, V. Fofonova, E. Arnone, K. H. Wiltshire
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Regional modeling of structure-induced mixing at offshore wind farm sites.
Front. Mar. Sci., Sec. Coastal Ocean Processes, Volume 10.
Nils Christiansen, Ute Daewel, Nobuhiro Suzuki, Jeffrey R. Carpenter, Corinna Schrum
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The Suitability of Machine-Learning Algorithms for the Automatic Acoustic Seafloor Classification of Hard Substrate Habitats in the German Bight
Remote Sens. 2023, 15(16), 4113
Gavin Breyer, Alexander Bartholomä, Roland Pesch
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Rapid, At-Sea Detection of Munition Compounds in Coastal Waters Using a Shipboard System.
ACS ES&T Water. 3. 10.1021/acsestwater.3c00096.
Esposito M., Beck A., Martínez-Cabanas M., Gledhill M. & Achterberg E.
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Relative Stabilität in Zeiten des Wandels – Warum es lohnt, über die Fangquotenverteilung in Europa nachzudenken!
Zeitschrift für Fischerei 3: Artikel 2: 1-11
Döring, R.
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Trophic ecology and seasonal occurrence of two Red List fish species in the Western Baltic Sea—two of a kind?
(Marine Biodiversity (2023) 53:60; Oesterwind, D., Köhler, L., Paar, M. Henseler, C., Kriegl, M., Gogina, M., Schubert, H., Martinez Arbizu, P.)
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Combining modeling with novel field observations yields new insights into wintertime food limitation of larval fish.
Limnol Oceanogr, 68: 1865-1879.
Akimova, A., Peck, M.A., Börner, G., van Damme, C. and Moyano, M.
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The rapid expansion of offshore wind farms challenges the reliability of ICES-coordinated fish surveys—insights from the Baltic Sea.
(ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2023, 0, 1–8; Haase S., von Dorrien, C., Kaljuste, O., Plantener, N., Sepp, E., Stelzenmüller, V., Velasco, A. and Oesterwind, D.).
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Noisy Waters Hamper the Pumping Behavior of the Polychaete Lanice conchilega.
In: Popper, A.N., Sisneros, J., Hawkins, A.D., Thomsen, F. (eds) The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life .
Springer, Cham.;
Tahereh Nakisa, Anna Akimova, Ismael Núñez-Riboni, Ute Daewel and Corinna Schrum.
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Trophic redundancy in benthic fish food webs increases with scarcity of prey items, in the Southern Baltic Sea.
Front. Mar. Sci. 10:1143792.;
de la Vega C., Paar M., Köhler L, von Dorrien C., Kriegl M., Oesterwind D. and Schubert H.
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In situ detection of munition compounds in coastal waters.
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry. 163. 117084. 10.1016/j.trac.2023.117084.
Raupers B., Passig J., Gehm C., Beck A., Esposito, M., Gledhill M., Zimmermann R. & Achterberg E.
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Added Value of Including Waves into Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model System within the North Sea Area
Frontiers in Marine Science;
Grayek, S., Wiese A. , Ho-Hagemann, H. T. M., Staneva, J.
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Climate-smart socially innovative tools and approaches for marine pollution science in support of sustainable development.
Cambridge Prisms
Lange, M., Cabana, D., Ebeling, A., Ebinghaus, R., Joerss, H., Rölfer, L., & Celliers, L.
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Adaptation to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: Ecosystem Service Assessments in Spatial and Sectoral Planning.
Appl.Sci. 2023, 13, 2623;
Schernewski, G.; Konrad, A.; Roskothen, J.; von Thenen, M.
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The multifacted picture of transdisciplinarity in marine reseach
Taylor & Francis;
C. Grünhagen, H. Schwermer, C. Wagner-Ahlfs, R. Voss, F. Gross, M-C. Riekhof
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Underwater UXO detection using magnetometry on hovering AUVs.
Journal of Field Robotics. 40.
Seidel, M., Frey, T. & Greinert, J.
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Further publications and articles (2021/22)