Fish Larvae Online-Library

Early-life history of marine fishes is one of the main drivers of the recruitment variability and an important bottleneck in the adaptation of fish populations to changing climate. Our online library represents a collection of physiological models of fish larvae designed to study starvation mortality, as one of the main sources of larval mortality in marine ecosystems. The library encompasses single-species models for various fish species and promote development of generic approaches for larval fish modelling.
Additionally, the library compiles data from laboratory experiments and field studies used to parameterize, calibrate and validate those models. Our Online Library aims to provide a one-stop resource for researchers interested in larval IBMs as a powerful tool to investigate drivers of fish recruitment. By consolidating these models and data in one place, we hope to facilitate future research in this critical field and contribute to the sustainable management of fish populations".

Thünen Institute for Marine Fisheries, Helmholtz Center Hereon
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